Momentum, Pathways & Networks


Momentum is a three-year post school course providing a mix of accredited and non-accredited subjects for people aged 18-25.

This program is designed for those who are looking to consolidate and continue their learning in an adult environment.

The curriculum has been developed to assist people in accessing a range of pathways for their future.

Included in the program are TAFE Certificate courses, vocational options, voluntary work in the community and further education and training.

Following completion of the Momentum Program, students/Participants may choose to then participate in the Pathways program.

Pathways Program

Pathways are the post graduate two (2) year extension program for those that wish to build on their academic learning and practical application of skills in the workplace. The focus is on each participant’s increased independence, responsibility and work skills.

Networks Program

Networks is offered to post Pathways/Momentum students as well as other Participants who have an interest in further developing their education, socialisation and employment opportunities.

It is designed to utilise as much community participation as is practical. A key element of this service is that it provides individual support and advice to people pursuing ongoing work placements, further education and individual activities as well as supporting the use of facilities in the local community.

These programs provide participants with extension, continued community participation, skills development and aims to meet their social and emotional needs.

Networks participants link into accredited training at TAFE and other providers, access neighbourhood houses and community facilities, and are provided support to identify vocational options and pathways.