Momentum, Pathways & Networks


Momentum is a 1 year post school program working in conjunction with Box Hill Institute (RTO code: 4687),  and is delivered from the Institute’s Nelson Road Campus. Included in the program are accredited certificate courses, vocational experiences, voluntary work, travel training, and practical life skills development in the areas of budgeting, shopping, cooking, household tasks and more.

This program is designed for those who are looking to consolidate and continue their learning in an adult environment.

The curriculum has been developed to assist people in accessing a range of pathways for their future.

Following completion of the Momentum Program, students/Participants may choose to then participate in the Pathways program.

Pathways Program

Pathways is an extension of Momentum for participants that wish to continue to build on their skills and personal development. It is perfect for participants who are interested in increasing their capacity to work. This service offering focuses on enhancing the participants independence, responsibility and job ready skills.

Both Momentum and Pathways are outcomes driven, with graduates going on to further studies, experiencing open employment and volunteering, self-management of money and budgets, independence in the community and use of public transport, and even moving out of home.

Networks Program

Networks is offered to post Pathways/Momentum students as well as other Participants who have an interest in further developing their education, socialisation and employment opportunities.

Networks is community based, promoting further independence and involvement in the community. It is designed to increase participation within the community, and key element of this service is that it provides tailored and individualised support to meet the participants needs.

Networks offers support to people pursuing work placements, further skill development and individual activities. You will be supported in the use of facilities, community services, support to identify work related experience options, as well as pathways in the local