Support Coordination

What is Support Coordination?

The role of the Support Coordinator is to assist with and strengthen a participant’s ability to implement and coordinate the supports they require in their everyday life.
These supports include informal, mainstream and community supports as well as their NDIS funded supports. Support Coordination aims to support an NDIS participant to participate more fully in the community.

There are three layers of Support Coordination funded as part of the NDIS.

  1. Support Connection
  2. Coordination of Supports or more commonly known as ‘Support Coordination’
  3. Specialised Support Coordination

Alkira offers the second layer described as ‘Support Coordination’ to participants; a support option that is provided by our professional and dedicated team of Support Coordinators.

What does this mean for you?

Our Support Coordinators will:

  • Support you to make decisions about the types of services and supports you want and need
  • Constantly monitor and manage any conflicts of interest by demonstrating transparency in regards to your options
  • Help you understand your plan, the price guide and how budgets can be used
  • Assist you to monitor budgets and use of funds
  • Liaise with providers, explaining your unique goals, needs and preferences
  • Identify and connect you with the right community and mainstream service providers
  • Ensure required recommendations and quotes are complete
  • Resolve points of crisis
  • Ensure you are receiving adequate quality service
  • Support your informal supports to be involved in helping you connect with services
  • Submit timely reports to the NDIA and support you to prepare for review
  • Work to build your capacity to independently action all the above points!

Choose our Support Coordination service

Our staff have the right experience, background, knowledge, skill sets and attitudes. We listen to what you are telling us and understand what is important to you, we will treat you with respect and dignity. We work with you, your family/carers and other professionals to get you the right supports that you need and want. We expertly manage ‘Conflict of Interest’ as we always put your wants and needs as the first priority. And no lengthy waiting lists!

Updates to NDIS Support Coordination funding

In accordance with new NDIS measures to support participants and providers through the COVID-19 crisis, support coordination is now accepted as an essential service.

This means that even if you do not have Support Coordination funding allocated in your current NDIS plan, you are still able to, on request, access support coordination services to assist you in all the areas described previously; especially during these challenging times.