AlkiraBiz: Breaking down barriers one sip at a time


Baristas AlkiraBiz around Box Hill

Now Open

Introducing Baristas AlkiraBiz an exciting addition to Box Hill’s coffee scene. With coffees brewed by Alkira participants, this vibrant trailer offers more than just a caffeine fix; it’s a beacon of inclusivity and empowerment. Providing real world experience for Alkira participants, this trailer is an opportunity for hands-on training for brewing hot and cold drinks, as well as some food items like toasted sandwiches.

Outside Box Hill Town Hall on Thursdays


AlkiraBiz Café on Harrow Street

Opening in 2024

Later this year we will welcome you to the AlkiraBiz café, Box Hill’s newest café with a purpose. With all funds going towards Alkira Disability Services, this not-for-profit establishment serves up more than just delicious coffee and pastries – it’s a symbol of community inclusion. Providing meaningful employment training and opportunities for personal growth for Alkira participants. Step inside and experience the warmth of inclusivity as our dedicated team serves you with a smile.