Founded in 1954, by a small group of parents (Founding Families), Alkira was born out of a vision of providing pre-school and schooling opportunities for their children who were denied access to mainstream kindergartens due to their disability.

The vision those parents shared so long ago, was for their children to learn and thrive and grow to lead fulfilling and rich lives within the community. Through dogged determination, dedication and hard work that small group of parents succeeded; and today more than 240 people access Alkira’s services.

Alkira represents lifestyle, choices, community inclusion, independence and social connection – a fulfilled life!

Alkira now offers a suite of services for adults with an intellectual disability.  These include day service programs, activities and supports within the community; further education and training opportunities beyond secondary school; homes in which people are supported to live with friends as well as respite accommodation for up to four people at any one time; opportunities and support to secure volunteer and work placements within the community; as well as after-hours recreational activities and supported group holidays.

Alkira is proud to provide these services and shall continue to grow and expand to meet the needs of our participants.


Our Name

“Alkira” is an Aboriginal word for “bright and sunny”. For many it has come to mean “a happy place in the sun”.

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