Alkira Participant Committee

Participant Committee

People who use Alkira’s services can also have a say in making Alkira a better place, by being elected to the Participant Committee. Each year Participant Committee members are voted in by their peers across all Alkira Services to provide a forum for Alkira participants to speak up and be heard.

The Participant Committee provides a forum for people to raise issues and to help improve Alkira. Members are advocates for people who access Alkira’s services as well as celebrate achievements at Alkira and in the wider community.

Being on the Committee, members also have the opportunity to learn new skills, such as meeting procedures, how to represent others, and gathering and sharing information with all the people who use the service.

Committee members assist in many areas at Alkira, including sitting on the Board Sub-Committee, being a panellist on staff recruitment panels, giving service tours, educating business and community groups about disability and Alkira services, and much more.

The group meets weekly to assess how our services are meeting quality requirements, consult on major projects and are involved in the planning for Alkira’s future.

Members of the Participant Committee provide a valuable contribution to Alkira and are fundamental in ensuring that people who use the service are involved in decisions that affect them.

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