This is a record of our current notices about changes to our services due to COVID-19, which we have sent out to Alkira participants and their families and carers on the dates listed. Please note, notices sometimes are updates for specific services such as for those who access our Home Supports, if you do not access these services you may not have received the notice but it will be listed in this record.

If you have any queries about our service changes, please don’t hesitate to call us on (03) 9890 1365 or email

31 March

CovidSafe Update

We are so grateful that everyone has been keeping up with our CovidSafe requirements to ensure we keep each other safe. We have recently received some updated Government direction. As we prepare for a ‘wavelet’ of the Omicron subvariant we must continue to be attentive in our protocols. As per the Government update for the sector, we will be continuing:

  • QR code sign ins
  • Temperature checks
  • Wearing surgical masks as a minimum both indoors and outdoors
  • Physical distancing
  • Surveillance RA Tests twice a week for participants and staff, this will continue to be billed as per current payment arrangements.

These protocols have minimised the spread of covid so we will continue these until further notice.


Our Short Term Accommodation service is available, if you are interested in this service please call us on 9890 1365 or email


For Home Supports, staff will continue to wear N95 masks and complete RATs 2-3 times a week.

House visitation rules will continue:

  • Residents are allowed up to five visitors per day if visitors are fully vaccinated* and show evidence** of a negative RA Test undertaken on the same day. If a visitor cannot provide evidence of a negative RA Test then there can only be up to two visitors per day.
  • Visitors do not have to be from the same household and there are no time limits.

*If visitors are not fully vaccinated, they must show a photo of a negative RA Test undertaken on the same day and wear a N95.

**Evidence is a photo of your negative RA Test with the test marked with your initials and the date.

When residents stay away from the house for overnight stays we highly recommend maintaining surveillance RA Testing on Wednesdays and Sundays, tests will be supplied.


Thank you for your understanding.

Kind Regards,

Laura Ubavin                                  
Community Supports Manager
Meghan Coulter
Home Supports Manager

24 February

Continuing RATs for Community Supports face to face services

Our trialing of using RATs to prevent the spread of Covid within Alkira has been a great success. Over the last few weeks, we have been advised that some asymptomatic participants tested positive during the regular testing, and therefore we have been able to minimise the effect of Covid on those at Alkira. We will be extending the use of RATs for face to face supports until the 31st March.

We will continue to give test packs every 2 weeks as we have done previously. For those who have opted to provide their own RATs (rather than receive them from us), we will continue with this arrangement unless you advise us otherwise. To clarify from our last notice, all participants who receive face to face supports need to pay a staff RAT fee, regardless if you are receiving RATs for your own use from us or not. This is to cover the cost of support worker RATs, which is a $12 weekly fee, which we automatically process from your Core funds (unless you have arranged with us to pay privately).

Thank you for your efforts in keeping everyone at Alkira safe. If you have any feedback or questions, please do not hesitate to contact your service manager.

Yours Sincerely,

Laura Ubavin
Community Supports Manager

4 February

Transitioning to face to face Community Supports services

We are transitioning back to face-to-face Community Supports programs and activities from Monday 7th February as planned.

If you have not yet been contacted to discuss supports for next week, please contact your service manager on 9890 1365. We have flexible options available for those who do not want to return on site full time.

As always, at Alkira, we still want to help keep people safe, while also continuing to provide services to support you and your family. There will be a continuation of COVIDsafe measures including wearing masks, staying home when unwell, physical distancing and frequent hand washing and sanitisation.

Additionally, we have a new recommendation that can increase the safety of everyone while attending face-to-face services.


Rapid Antigen Testing

We strongly recommend twice-a-week rapid antigen testing for participants who are receiving face-to-face supports, with testing on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. NDIS are currently allowing participants to claim Rapid Antigen Tests through their Core Package for themselves and their support worker to ensure safe delivery of reasonable and necessary support.

All Alkira on site staff will be following the twice-a-week recommendation in an effort to minimise the spread of COVID. We will trial this until the 25th February and keep you updated on whether we will continue, dependent on transmission levels in the community.

We have had sufficient stock of Nasal Rapid Antigen Test kits arrive at Alkira, these will be given to you on Monday 7th February, or your first day of on site services, and billed as part of your NDIS Core Package. If you prefer to acquire your own, you may do so but please let us know on 9890 1365 or The initial distribution will be for 2 weeks (limited to 4 tests per participant), further tests will be given out in due course.


Reporting and Managing Positive results

Testing should be conducted at home. If you return a negative result you do not have to report this. Participants and staff must report any positive result. If a participant has a positive result:

If you anticipate there will be difficulty completing a Rapid Antigen Test for a participant, please let the service manager know and we can discuss alternative options.

If you have any questions please contact your service manager.


Kind Regards,

Laura Ubavin
Community Supports Manager