About the Vehicles

Alkira has a fleet of vehicles (mainly buses) that regularly pick up and drop off Alkira Participants from their homes to the various service locations and return them home at the end of the day.

All vehicles are safety checked, regularly serviced and driven by qualified drivers.

Each vehicle is air conditioned, fitted with seat belts and equipped with a portable first aid kit.  Depending on the vehicle, we can transport between 11 to 21 passengers in comfort and safety.

Our Drivers

Alkira has five regular drivers, all of whom have undergone intensive driver training to ensure the safety of our participants.  Each driver has ongoing regular training and holds first aid qualifications.

Our drivers are friendly, respectful and very obliging.


Participants are eligible for service if –

  1. The person does not have the skills or potential to travel independently
  2. A public transport service is not available between the person’s home and their Alkira day service site
  3. The person’s support needs excludes their access to public transport services
  4. The primary support person / carer’s is not able to transport the person
  5. The person lives within the geographical boundaries of Alkira Transport Service
  6. The person is able to the travel on Alkira transport service without support /assistance in transit (Alkira does not provide chaperones to assist participants).
  7. Availability of seats.

Participants are required to be ready 10 mins prior to pick up from their home.

Availability & Fees

Please call Alkira on 9890 1365 to discuss this further.