Strategic Objectives 2020 – 2025






Strategic Planning-_Invest in people

Invest in our People, Culture and Leadership

Implement a values based framework for our people and leadership.

Invest in our people – through quality induction, training, coaching and mentoring opportunities.

Ensure everyone takes time out to celebrate and have fun.

Develop a succession planning framework that identifies talent pipeline, organisational competency needs and training opportunities.

Strategic Planning-_Foster Partnerships

Foster Partnerships and Positive Communications

Review, update and implement the Alkira Communications plan across formal/informal and internal/external networks.

Promote Alkira as a demonstrated high quality provider of SIL and explore partnership opportunities.

Document a ‘partnership framework’ that identifies potential partners. Identifying the values, diversity and strategic opportunities they will bring us.

    • Review existing partnership agreements to ensure alignment, outcomes and benefits.
    • Actively engage with identified partners and enter into agreements which benefit Alkira and its community.
Strategic Planning-_Enhance Quality

Enhance Quality of Participant Centred Service

Map Alkira’s services against the NDIS Practice Standards and identify opportunities for improvement including additional revenue streams.

Using co-design principles identify and assess a range of services that meet the needs of participants within NDIS guidelines. Deliver quality Alkira supports and provide referrals to external services that meet participants needs.

Measure the participant experience and use it to improve overall customer experience.

Re-orientate services to meet participant needs within NDIS guidelines.

Strategic Planning-_Optimise Finance

Optimise Financial Health and Invest in Sustainable Facilities and Technology

Ensure that our services are sustainable under the NDIS and untagged donations are used for sustainable facilities and innovation.

Develop and communicate a Long Term Financial Plan.

Review infrastructure, buildings and facilities to ensure they are ‘fit for purpose’.

Undertake systems and technology review and identify opportunities for improvement.

Develop a fundraising plan which supports our longer term building and facilities needs.

Strategic Planning-_Drive innovation

Drive Innovation and Continual Improvement

Develop and document an innovation framework. Ensure that innovation framework is communicated, progress is monitored and celebrated.

Review recognition and reward process and ensure that it is embedded in our culture.

Review our back of house systems, technologies and human resources and identify an action plan to improve efficiency and customer experience.

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