Individualised Support from home into the community

This service presents an opportunity to provide more flexibility to YOUR needs and wishes.  Based on the principle of ‘individual choice’, participants are supported by an Alkira support worker, either at home or in the community to participate in activities of their choice and try new things.

This is particularly helpful to people whose needs may have changed or no longer wish to attend day group-based services.

When planning this program, Alkira takes into account each person’s choice and their opportunities for self-expression as well as the maintenance and development of their skills.

Also considered is the support for their participation in the community and with their family and social networks and the development of a sense of self-worth.

This program also actively promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for all participants.

Hours and costs depend on needs and funding available with individual quotes available for all enquires.

For further information please contact Alkira on 9890 1365.