Group & Individual Programs

Alkira have developed a wide range of group and individual programs and activities we call Connections.

The programs and activities are aimed to connect you to your community and peers. You will have the flexibility to make choices and participate in activities that are meaningful and enjoyable.

By offering various types of programs you can choose what you would like to do, set goals you wish to achieve and the setting within in which you can participate.

These programs are located at Box Hill or Nunawading with each site having different programs catering for differing needs.

Programs can be individualised one on one support programs or in a group setting.

At Connections you can attend group or individual programs and activities that are centre based or in the community.

You choose what activities and programs you are interested in.

Days can start at 8:45am and end at 3pm but this can be flexible if you want shorter days.

For further information or to arrange a tour please contact reception staff at Thurston Street on 9890 1365 or