School Leavers & Younger People

Skill-Up with SLES

School Leavers Employment Service

This Service is designed to assist 18-20 year old participants to develop essential community, life and employment skills.

Focused on preparing school leavers for a Tertiary Institution or a Disability Employment Service (DES) provider. Alkira SLES can assist and support participants in the following ways:
• Getting ready for work and plan for your pathway to employment.

• Individualised service, based on individual goals.

• Foster partnerships.

• Individual life skills development in the areas of communication, time management and money skills.

•Travel training.

• Work experience in open employment.

• Industry visits.

• Job site training.

To be eligible for this service, participants must have SLES funding allocated in their NDIS plan.

For further information email: or phone 9890 1365.


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