Activities & Experiences

Designed to be fun, engaging and sociable, Alkira offers a broad variety of outings and group activities to eligible participants.   It is a great opportunity to make friends while doing something fun!

Meeting a criteria of promoting good health, relieving stress, developing new skills, promoting social interaction and community inclusion and most importantly ‘having fun’.

Recreation Service activities are chosen and changed on a monthly basis throughout the year.  Alkira also encourages suggestions from our Participants and their families.

Activities could include such things as attending an AFL match, Pasta/DVD nights, Cooking, Craft activities, Ten Pin Bowling, Theatre visits, going to the Movies or Dinner out at various restaurants.

A trained support worker always accompanies the group and if transport is required to reach the activity, the Alkira Bus is utilised.

This Service operates:

  • 1 weeknight or afternoon per week
  • 1 day each weekend
  • Offers three (3) holidays per year
  • Weekend getaways (to meet the needs of specific groups of people)

Always in very high demand, Alkira’s Recreation Service is renowned for its fun and creativity as well as a great place to meet and make new friends.


To be eligible for this program you need to be –

  • Living in the Eastern Metropolitan Region
  • Accessing Alkira Training and Support Services
  • Have carers over the age of 65

(or in the case of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders – over the age of 45).

To discover more please contact Alkira on 9890 1365.


The Recreation program also organises three holidays per year for up to 8 people.  These holidays are held in January, June and August/September – when the Alkira Training Support and Services Division is closed.

For all inquiries please contact Alkira on 9890 1365.