Since 1954 when Alkira’s Founding Families first shared the vision of a place where people with an intellectual disability can feel empowered and supported to live rich, full and meaningful lives to the decades that followed, Alkira has relied on the generosity of many people.

Friends, fundraising auxiliaries, community organisations and local businesses have together provided time, money, knowledge and skill; which allowed Alkira’s Founding Families set about turning their vision into reality.

Today, Alkira continues to grow and develop and currently supports over 240 people and their families through a suite of services including:

  • Supported Homes
  • Respite Accommodation
  • Day Services
  • Recreation Activities & Holidays
  • Training & Further Education
  • Employment and Volunteer Placements



Alkira’s ability to provide the range and quality of services we currently do is intrinsically linked to support received from the broader community.  That support comes in many forms, all equally important – financial, volunteering, in kind donations, pro bono work and more.

As an organisation, Alkira is looking to the future with a great deal of excitement. Various projects are underway to ensure Alkira continues to expand and develop in alignment with the needs of our participants and their community.

We thank you for supporting and donating to assist Alkira’s work.


Donations or monthly pledges are channelled into various equipment, programs and other services our participants may need in the short term.

If you have any questions, fundraising ideas or wish to make a donation please call Shelley Stretton 9890 1365 or email

The Alkira Foundation’s purpose is to focus on raising and investing funds to meet Alkira’s long-term objectives. The Alkira Foundation has now operated since 2011 with an integrated Board comprising some Board of Management members and distinguished representatives of the wider community.

For a confidential discussion about a bequest please call Shelley Stretton or email

Have you ever thought about giving someone a ‘gift with a purpose’ for their Birthday, Christmas or any other occasion?

You could donate to Alkira on their behalf and receive a handmade Alkira card acknowledging their thoughtful gift.

It’s a wonderful way to celebrate and acknowledge your friend or family member and give to the Community at the same time!

We will acknowledge your friend or loved one in our Annual Report, unless requested otherwise.

You may like to make this donation in memory of a friend or loved one who has passed away.

We will acknowledge your friend or loved one in our Annual Report, unless requested otherwise.

Alkira regularly runs yearly appeals for mid-year and end of year.

Contact Alkira

We would love to hear from you!

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