Strategic Directions

Alkira’s Strategic Plan looks outwards to ensure that we are aligned with and prepared for the changing external environment that the NDIS will bring whilst also looking at strengthening our internal processes to put in place a structure and resourcing to best place us to make a meaningful difference in the quality of life of our participants, staff and stakeholders.

The plan focuses on 8 high level objectives that Alkira will seek to achieve:

Meet the Needs, Interests and Wishes of Clients in Services and Supports

Developing a shared understanding of expectations that will meet the needs, interests and wishes of clients.

Successfully transition to NDIS

Transitioning timely and smoothly with transparency and collaboration with stakeholders to NDIS.

Live a Shared Culture

Articulating, espousing and living a shared culture which embraces our Values.

Attract and Retain a Sustainable Workforce

Securing quality staff with aligned values and the right skills and competencies.

Expand Revenue Sources

Actively pursuing and seeking a mix of revenue sources which build on service offerings to clients.

Establish and Maintain Community Engagement and Partnerships

Having strong and reliable relationships/partnerships with mutual benefits to deliver our strategic outcomes.

Alkira being known and recognised as a leading integral Service Provider in our community

Establishing, delivering and maintain a Marketing Strategy that delivers results.

Provide Sustainable Facilities and Technology

Having appropriate infrastructure, facilities and supporting technology to deliver services.

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