School Leavers & Younger People

Alkira particpants at work and study, around Box Hill. Alkira is a not for profit organisation, based in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne which has been providing services and support to People with a Disability since 1954. ALKIRA ANNUAL REPORT. PICTURE : PENNY STEPHENS 11TH AUGUST 2017

School Leavers & Younger People

Specifically designed for School leavers and people under the age of 25, Alkira offers two programs for those participants who are interested in pursuing further education, life skills training and/or vocational opportunities.


Known as Momentum and Networks, these programs offer a variety of courses and activities in which participants can further develop their education, employment skills and community participation.


Momentum – Box Hill Institute of TAFE, Nelson Road Campus

Momentum is a two-year post school program working in conjunction with Box Hill Institute of TAFE and is delivered from the Institute’s Nelson Road Campus.   Included in the program are accredited certificate courses, vocational experiences, voluntary work, travel training, and practical life skills development in the areas of budgeting, shopping, cooking, household tasks and more.


Following completion of the Momentum Program, there is opportunity for ongoing support and learning in Alkira’s Networks Program.


Networks Program – Community Participation


Networks is offered to students as they complete the Momentum Program and other young adults who have an interest in further developing  social networks, communication skills, voluntary work, pursuing ongoing work  opportunities, and further developing independent  living skills in the areas of  budgeting, shopping, cooking, household tasks and so on.


Networks participants link into accredited training through registered training organisations, neighbourhood houses and community facilities, and are provided support to identify pathways to vocational options.


For further information email: or phone 9890 1365.