Step 1 of 6 - INTRODUCTION


    At Alkira we are proud of how we deliver services to our Clients.

    People at Alkira are more than just clients, we care very deeply about them and we want to make the transition to the NDIS as easy as possible for everyone.

    To help you understand about the NDIS, we have developed this booklet which helps you prepare for the NDIS.

    This Planner has been designed to help you think about the future you would like for yourself once the NDIS comes to you.

    Sit down with your family member or carer, who can help you answer the questions this guide asks.

    You need to write down the answers or get family member or carer to help you.

    These answers become your “Participant Statement” which is used to work out what your NDIS Plan will be.

    Remember - there is no right or wrong answers.