Living with Others


Alkira currently has seven houses where Residents are supported by teams of rostered staff.

Each house has its own permanent support staff, as well as a pool of relief staff, that assist residents in various ways to ensure they are happy and healthy in their homes.

This includes helping each resident work out a Support Plan, to provide a framework for their lives.

This plan includes recreational and leisure opportunities as well as activities to develop and maintain skills. The health and well-being of the person is a vital part of their Support Plan.

Alkira encourages residents to be active participants in the running of their house and to be involved in decisions that affect their daily lives.

Each residence has a House Committee which allows them to have a more active say in running their home and have a chance to be elected as the representative to report to the Residential Services Committee of the Board of Management.

Residents are also involved in helping to select key support staff and house staff.

Our houses are located in:   

  • Mont Albert
  • Forest Hill
  • Box Hill
  • Nunawading
  • Box Hill North